PPH Visual Estimation Poster

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General Principles

  • Substandard care has been identified in the majority of maternal deaths from massive post partum haemorrhage.
  • A common problem is the under-estimation of blood loss which leads to failure of early intervention.
  • Massive blood loss can occur within minutes!
  • The goal of management is ‘organized time conscious team approach’.
  • All mothers should have an antenatal risk assessment for PPH to determine the appropriate place of delivery.
  • Management should be individualized depending on the severity of blood loss, rate of loss, haemodynamic instability, body weight, baseline haemoglobin and the availability of resources.
  • Active interventions in the “golden hour” is critical


  • Always consider the possibility of a concealed haemorrhage.
  • In the presence of blood clots, a rough estimate should be double of the estimated blood lost in the illustration above (estimated blood x 2)

PPH Visual Estimation Poster