SaMS Course Introduction

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The Sarawak MRCOG Survival (SaMS) course is the 1st MRCOG course being organized in Sarawak. It is a way for us to share our journey and to enhance your MRCOG dream, as we always believe that only by giving, you will be able to receive more. It took up 3 years for us to make this dream to become true, started from scratch, and now a well established course.

The RCOG Part 3 examination is amongst the most difficult UK membership examinations to pass, with a passing rate of only about 20%. Thus, it is with pride that Sarawak General Hospital is able to boast of being the only Hospital in Malaysia with at least 1 trainee passing the RCOG Part 3 Examinations, virtually every year, for the last decade with a fair number passing on the 1st attempt at that. We believe that this is due to the proper guidances and sharing of experiences from our seniors to juniors in preparing for the exam. We hope that this is not only limited to us, but to share it with the rest of you in pursuing your dream.

The RCOG Part 3 examination tests both a comprehensive understanding of the examination syllabus, as well as a candidate’s clinical acumen. The SaMS course will cover an extensive pool of SBAs and EMQs, coupled with answer sessions, and also include lectures on topics that are notoriously difficult to grasp. Candidates who have recently passed the MRCOG examinations will also share with you their experiences on getting through this grueling examination.

Whilst it is not plausible to cover the entire examination syllabus in 2-4 days, through our course, we aim to impart invaluable examination techniques and study skills that will stand you in good stead to pass Part 2 examination, as well as to provide you with a better insight on the Part 3 examination.
Our course facilitators include a good mix of Senior Consultants and Fellows of the College of O&G, as well as candidates who have recently passed the MRCOG examinations. Hence, participants of the SaMS course can be assured that the course in not only credible but kept contemporaneous as well.

We hope to see you in our next course, to know you more and to prepare you for the examination.

SaMS Course Organising Committee

SaMS Part 2, January 2016
SaMS Parts 2 and 3, January 2017
SaMS Part 3, October 2017
SaMS Part 2, August 2018
SaMS Part 3, August 2018
SaMS Part 2, March 2019
SaMS Part 3, March 2019
SaMS Parts 2 & 3, Sept 2019
SaMS Parts 2 & 3, March 2020
SaMS Part 3, May 2020
SaMS Part 2 & 3, April 2021
SaMS Part 3, October 2021
SaMS Part 3, May 2022
SaMS Part 3, March 2023