Vacuum Delivery

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An exclusive video tutorial produced by the Sarawak General Hospital O&G Department focusing on the topic of vacuum delivery.

The Step by Step Guide to Vacuum Delivery :

  1. The patient is placed in the lithotomy position.
  2. The bladder is catheterized.
  3. A cup of the appropriate size is chosen.
  4. Perineum infiltration with local anesthetic agent.
  5. The cup is applied to the fetal head, placing it along the sagital suture and as far back as possible (touching the posterior fontanelle).
  6. The vacuum cup should be placed at the flexion point, which is the point on the fetal head 2cm in front of the posterior fontanelle.
  7. Before the vacuum is created, vaginal examination must be done to ascertain that no soft tissue are caught between the cup and the head.
  8. Negative pressure is now applied.
  9. Once the cup has been attached to the head by the first phase of low vacuum, its position must be checked.
  10. After vacuum of -0.8kg/sq cm has been achieved for one minute, check again that no maternal tissue is caught.
  11. Traction is applied only during contractions, in conjunction with maternal expulsion.
  12. Traction is applied smoothly throughout the contraction, refrain from applying jerky traction.
  13. The initial direction is downward and outward, gradually changing to upward and outward when crowning occurs.
  14. Vacuum is released once head is delivered.


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Advisor: Dr. Harris Njoo Suharjono

Presenter: Dr. Sukanda Jaili

Director/Editor: Dr. Dalvinder Singh

Set Manager: Dr Alifah Zizi

Logistics: Sister Mariam