Family Planning

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An exclusive video production by the Sarawak General Hospital O&G Department on the topic of family planning and the various contraceptive methods.

Family Planning (chinese version)

Family Planning (Bahasa Malaysia version)


Factors to consider when choosing methods of contraception:

  1. Age
  2. Health status
  3. Method effectiveness
  4. Your preference


Oral contraceptives

Combined oral contraceptive pill :

  1. 99.9% effective
  2. easy to use
  3. must be taken daily
  4. can help regulate your menstrual cycle

Progesterone only pill (mini pill) :

  1. 98% effective
  2. must be taken at the same time daily
  3. can cause irregular menses or spotting

Emergency contraceptive pill:

  1. Can be taken 72 hours after unprotected sex
  2. High failure rate


Intrauterine Contraceptive Device (IUCD)

  1. Copper IUCD
  2. Progesterone IUCD (mirena)

IUCD failure rate less than 1%

Side effects of IUCD:

  1. Irregular menses
  2. Prolonged menses
  3. Only temporary


Injectable Contraceptive

3 monthly injection

Common side effects:

  1. irregular menses
  2. Return of fertility may be delayed

Fertility returns about 4 months after stopping the injectables


Contraceptive Implants (Implanon)

Implant is placed underneath skin of arm


Permanent sterilization

Bilateral tubal ligation (BTL)

  1. Does not hinder sexual life
  2. Failure rate: Less than 1%
  3. Irreversible procedure



Barrier method (condoms)

Male & Female condoms


Coitus interruptus & Calendar method

– Ineffective –


For more info you can visit:

  1. Local polyclinic
  2. Family planning clinic
  3. Sarawak General Hospital contraceptive clinic


Production Team (English):

Advisor: Dr. Harris Njoo Suharjono

Production Manager: Dr. Sukanda Jaili

Director/Editor: Dr. Dalvinder Singh

Set Supervisor: Dr. Lim Siong Hee

Videographers: Dr. Lau Bik Liang & Dr. Yew Chung Khian

Logistics: Dr. Bong Yee Kar

Presenter : Dr. Jessie Chan


Production Team (Chinese):

Advisor: Dr. Harris Njoo Suharjono

Production Manager: Dr. Lim Soon Hock

Director/Editor: Dr. Dalvinder Singh

Translator: Dr. Yew Chung Khian

Videographer: Dr. Dalvinder Singh

Presenter : Dr. Lim Soon Hock


Production Team (Bahasa Malaysia Version):

Penasihat: Dr. Harris Njoo Suharjono

Pengurus produksi: Dr. Sukanda Jaili

Penerbit/ penyunting: Dr. Dalvinder Singh

Penyelia set: Dr. Lim Siong Hee

Jurugambar: Dr. Lau Bik Liang & Dr. Yew Chung Khian

Logistik: Dr. Bong Yee Kar

Penyampai: Dr. NurulHuda Samsudin