Clinical Practice Guidelines by MOH related to O&G

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CPG 2017

  1. Management of Dyslipidemia (5th Edition)
  2. Management of Diabetes in Pregnancy
  3. Management of Asthma in Adults

CPG 2016

  1. Management of Hypertension (4th Edition)
  2. Prevention of Cardiovascular Disease in Women (2nd Edition)
  3. Treatment of Tobacco Use Disorder
  4. Heart Disease in Pregnancy (2nd Edition)

CPG 2015

  1. Management of Dengue Infection in Adults (3rd Edition)
  2. Management of Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus (5th Edition)
  3. Antibiotic Prophylaxis for Oral Surgical Procedure (2nd Edition)
  4. Management of Cervical Cancer (2nd Edition)

CPG 2014

  1. Management of Acute STEMI (3rd Edition)
  2. Management of Heart Failure (3rd Edition)
  3. Management of Neonatal Jaundice (2nd Edition)

CPG 2013

  1. Management of Hypertension (4th Edition)
  2. Management of Venous Thromboembolism

CPG 2012

  1. Management of Ischaemic Stroke (2nd Edition)

CPG 2011

  1. Management of Chronic Kidney Disease in Adults
  2. Screening of Diabetic Retinopathy

CPG 2010

  1. Hormone Therapy During Menopause
  2. Management of Breast Cancer (2nd Edition)
  3. Management of Cancer Pain

CPG 2008

  1. Management of HIV Infection in Children
  2. Management of HIV Infection in Pregnant Women

CPG 2007

  1. Management of Major Depressive Disorder

CPG 2006

  1. Management of Post-operative Infectious Endophthalmitis

CPG 2005


  1. Retinopathy of Prematurity
  2. Withholding and Withdrawing of Life Support in Children

CPG 2004

  1. Child Immunisation
  2. Diabetic Nephropathy
  3. Management of Dengue Fever in Children
  4. Management of Menorrhagia
  5. Management of Obesity
  6. Rational Antibiotic Utilisation in Selected Paediatric Conditions

CPG 2003

  1. Adult Vaccination
  2. Management of Postnatal Corticosteroids for Prevention of Chronic Lung Disease in Preterm Infants