Family Planning

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family planningForeword

This contraception information booklet is printed for women who wants easy to comprehend information with
regards to the various family planning methods that is currently available. It illustrates the common types of
contraceptive methods along with relevant basic information such as effectiveness, possible side effects and
suitability of each method.
The aim of this booklet is provide adequate information so as to empower women to make the right choices for their family planning needs. The most suitable type of contraception may differ from one woman to the next and
to some extent is individualized based on both clinical factors as well as personal preference. I would like to thank Dr. Sukanda and his team for their effort in preparing and publishing this booklet

What is family planning?
Family planning or contraception helps you to plan your pregnancy as well as the size of your family. It prevents unwanted pregnancies and gives you a worry free sexual life.
There are various types of contraceptive methods available in our country. There is the popular oral contraceptive p ills , injectables, and implants. The intrauterine device (IUCD).
The barrier method i.e the male and female condoms and also the permanent methods such as the bilateral
tubal ligation (BTL) and vasectomy.
Before choosing a method which is suitable for you, take into account a few factors such as your age, health
status, the contraceptive effectiveness, cost as well as your personal preference.
Naturally, you should also ensure that you are not pregnant before starting on contraception. Starting the contraception correctly and following the instructions given in the information leaflet as well as your nurse or doctor would ensure that the method that you choose would be effective.